Supporting Purple Martin Migration with Saving Shepherd's Martin Houses

 Purple martins are a migratory bird species that are known for their impressive annual migrations. These birds travel thousands of miles each year between their wintering grounds in South America and their breeding grounds in North America. For nature enthusiasts, the arrival of purple martins in the spring is a highly anticipated event.

One of the ways that people can support purple martins is by providing them with suitable habitat during their breeding season. Purple martins are cavity-nesting birds that require hollow spaces, such as tree cavities or specially designed birdhouses, to build their nests. Unfortunately, natural cavities are becoming increasingly scarce due to deforestation and the removal of dead trees. This is where martin houses come in.

Poly Plastic Purple Martin House


Martin houses are designed specifically to provide purple martins with safe and suitable places to nest. These multi-room structures can accommodate several pairs of birds and are typically mounted on poles or other structures in open areas. This is ideal for purple martins since they prefer to nest in colonies in open areas.

If you're interested in attracting purple martins to your property, it's important to choose a high-quality martin house. Saving Shepherd offers the finest martin houses available, which are built by generational Amish craftsmen. These martin houses are made with the highest quality materials and are designed to last for many years. They are also aesthetically pleasing and will enhance the beauty of your property.


Amish handcrafted in the USA


 There are many benefits to having a Saving Shepherd martin house on your property. For one, you will have the pleasure of watching these beautiful birds throughout the breeding season. Purple martins are social birds that are fun to observe as they swoop and dive through the air, catch insects, and interact with each other.


purple martin bird


In addition, providing habitat for purple martins can help to control insect populations in your area, since these birds are voracious insect eaters. This can be especially beneficial for people who live in areas with high mosquito populations. By installing a Saving Shepherd martin house, you can help to reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard and enjoy a more comfortable outdoor experience.


Another benefit of having a Saving Shepherd martin house on your property is that you can contribute to citizen science efforts to monitor purple martin populations. There are many organizations that collect data on purple martins, and by participating in these programs you can help to track changes in population size and distribution over time.

Providing habitat for purple martins can help to support conservation efforts for this species. Purple martins are considered a species of special concern in some parts of their range, and providing them with suitable habitat can help to maintain healthy populations. By installing a Saving Shepherd martin house and supporting these birds, you are doing your part to protect a beautiful and important species.


copper topped puple martin birdhouse

Purple martin migration is an impressive and important event that should be appreciated and protected. By providing suitable habitat for these birds in the form of a high-quality martin house from Saving Shepherd, we can support their breeding efforts, control insect populations, contribute to citizen science efforts, and support conservation initiatives. If you're interested in attracting purple martins to your property, consider purchasing a martin house from Saving Shepherd and enjoying the benefits of sharing your space with these amazing birds.


USA handcrafted martin bird houses

 "Almost every country tavern has a martin box on the upper part of its sign-board; and I have observed that the handsomer the box, the better does the inn generally prove to be." 

John James Audubon ~1831 




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