PA Dutch Courting Candles

LOVE is in the Air in Lancaster County, PA and the Amish youth are busy with weekend socializing and courting activities. While Amish courting etiquette varies by community, the practice is always centered around the church and the community and is steeped in tradition.

Amish Youth Courting

The use of an "opsit kers," or "courting candle", is an old Dutch custom.  When a boy came to court a girl he was given by her father a lighted candle, and the couple were allowed to sit alone until the candle burnt out, when the man had to go home. 

The man could also judge the popularity and approval of his suit by the length of the candle. If it were short he realized at once that he would not be allowed to marry the girl, but if it were long he knew that the parents approved of him.  

Amish Courting Candle

Wrough Iron Courting Candle


Our Saving Shepherd® wrought iron Courting Candles are handcrafted at an Amish homestead as they have been for generations. They are crafted from solid wrought iron and finished in satin black.  Each comes complete with a pine wood candle adjuster and traditional Courting Candle instructions.