"Made in America" Made America

Three of the most important words in America’s history …

Made in America

  Those three simple words provided both the foundation and backbone to build the greatest nation the world has known.


  But what meaning do those three words carry with them today?  Devotion, Community, Hard work, Family, Pride, Craftsmanship and both doing the right things and doing things right.

 All of which have helped shape and make America and why there is such strong meaning behind the term MADE in AMERICA.


When one reads “Made in America” – whatever the product - one expects it to exude those terms that also Made America!  It should be fashioned with the finest craftsmanship by devoted hands determined to offer their friends and family the finest of products.  It should be head and shoulders above the cheaply, mass-produced products you find on the big box store shelves.  It should be solid, strong and built to last.  It also solidifies and strengthens the local community


Locally, we are blessed with a community that epitomizes the above and we would love to share some our favorite finds with others that enjoy such wonderful workmanship.


Whatever the product, the Amish community are second to none when it comes to keeping the spirit of Made in America alive today!

Whether you choose one of our quality Made in America offerings or not, supporting “Made in America” in your home will ensure quality craftsmanship for your family and friends to be enjoyed for years, even generations.

"Come Discover Old America Made New for You & Your Home" at Saving Shepherd!


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