The Magic of Mushrooms Revealed

The Magic of Mushrooms
The Immune Powerhouses
From the Herbalist at Natural Hope Herbals

Mushrooms as health tonics have become quite popular recently.  And for good reason current science is validating thousands of years of traditional use of mushrooms as immune system tonics.

“Mushrooms, the plant of immortality? That’s what ancient Egyptians believed according to the hieroglyphics of 4600 years ago. The delicious flavor of mushrooms intrigued the pharaohs of Egypt so much that they decreed mushrooms were food for royalty and that no commoner could ever touch them. This assured themselves the entire supply of mushrooms. In various other civilizations throughout the world, including Russia, China, Greece, Mexico and Latin America, mushroom rituals were practiced.”

  Mushrooms work by building and restoring the immune system more than direct stimulation.  They are also excellent for balancing and regulating the immune system.  Mushrooms nourish the immune system, giving it what it needs to function properly whether it is run down and out of energy or responding to every little trigger.  Because of this mushrooms are a good choice for people with depleted immune systems and those with overactive immune systems.  Supporting the immune system affects more than maintaining a healthy immune response to the typical cold and flu germs.  Practically every chronic health complaint has an immune factor of some degree and therefore, nearly everyone can benefit from including mushrooms in their diet or adding mushroom extracts to their daily herbal supplements.
Mushrooms, like other herbs, contain multiple beneficial compounds rather than a single active constituent.  Two classes of compounds in mushrooms that are especially noteworthy are polysaccharides (including beta-glucans) and terpenoids.

Polysaccharides regulate the immune system and can increase the activity of various white blood cells.  Terpenoids have relaxing, antiallergenic and liver protective activity.  A high alcohol concentration is required to extract terpenoids, but high alcohol denatures polysaccharides.  Cooking the mushrooms in water is the best way to extract terpenoids, but water extracts don’t keep.  To get both groups of compounds in the same extract, two separate extractions – one with water and the other with alcohol – are made and then combined.  A typical tincture extraction would result in a very poor quality mushroom extract.

All the mushrooms have polysaccharides and generally can be used very similarly to benefit the immune system while the amounts and types of polysaccharides, terpenoids and other constituents vary giving each mushroom its own unique benefits.

We urge you to do some of your own research on the amazing immune system benefits gained from Turkey Tail to Maitake to Shiitake to Reishi to Chaga mushrooms and more!
We are not only proud to offer several mushroom single liquid extract tinctures and formulas, but the entire Natural Hope Herbals product line.  Natural Hope Herbals are all handmade in small batches and packaged and labeled in a professional facility. Processes based on traditional knowledge and scientific research, are used to ensure Natural Hope Herbals products contain a broad spectrum of the herbs natural goodness. Natural Hope uses specific processes and menstruums to best extract the properties of each unique herb.

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All research information is provided for educational purposes only and as a courtesy to our customers and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professionals. ALWAYS consult with a physician regarding any health-related questions and/or concerns!


  1. Im trying to be more organic i need to start taking the more natural herbs

    1. It's amazing all that has been provided for us ... naturally. It's truly a fun, healthy "field" to explore. Goodness abounds!


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