Chime Time is a Good Time

 Chime Time Has Always Been a Good Time
for Mind, Body & Soul
Wind chimes incorporate the nature of wind and various objects to create beautiful natural tones which calm the spirit, body and mind.  While the history of wind chimes is not definitive, historians do know that they have always been used in healing and for a general sense of well-being.

Thousands of years ago chimes and bells were used as warning signals immediately prior to the events of uncontrollable forces.  The Asian cultures have long believed that using wind chimes could ease the mind, body and soul.  Thus, it came about that they are known to bestow peace, good fortune and happiness.  Used in conjunction with meditation, the gentle tones and clearing of the mind, work to reduce the everyday stresses of life.

The ear is connected to nearly all the cranial nerves, which in turn lead to all parts of the body. It is no wonder then, that listening to soothing sounds creates states of balance, release, relief, relaxation and peacefulness.

Pure sound cuts out the left brain function of judgement of liking or disliking a piece of music and whether or not it is skillfully played. Sound alone cannot be hummed or sung from note to note. It is a continuum. The random sound of the notes of wind chimes (or bells, singing bowls and gongs) tickles the right brain functioning - the intuitive, creative, the abstract - giving our mind relief and freedom from habitual, logical thinking. It brings us into touch with a quieter space where we can better listen to ourselves - a moment of 'time-out' for honoring ourselves. Silence is akin to stillness. Our spontaneous experience of sound has nothing to do with intellectual, logical, rational or left-brained thinking. Sound amplifies the right-brained environment, where we can let go of the need to control. If we truly listen maybe we can hear the whisper of the wind, or that place of silence and wholeness that is in each of us. Just as there is an important difference between hearing and listening, there is with seeing and looking. Hearing is a passive experience. Listening is focused and active.

Wind chimes have also been used by many cultures in religious ceremonies to welcome good and friendly spirits as well as to scare the evil spirits away.  The chimes were often hung in every corner of the home to keep it safe from evil.  The compilation of the gentle tones would create an atmosphere in which only good spirits would feel welcomed and want to stay.  A home with several wind chimes was sure to be a safe haven.

Probably the most historical use of wind chimes has been in agriculture.  Throughout history farmers have used wind chimes in the fields as a means to scare away birds and other animals detrimental to their crops.  With careful placement of the chimes, any animal would quickly be frightened away with the stirring of a gentle breeze.  This use of wind chimes helped insure a bountiful harvest which would benefit the entire community.

One of these communities whose every member still utilizes wind chimes is the Amish.  Front and back porches, in the field and even in the barn, wind chimes can be found on every Amish homestead.

Not surprisingly, they have become master craftsmen when it comes to creating these beautiful works of art and we are proud to offer a large selection of high quality Amish handmade Wind Chimes.

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A gentle breeze is all you need to produce a musical treat for the ears. Hand tuned wind chimes give off soft deep resounding tones and encourage deep thoughts. Escape to another world. These handcrafted wind chimes have been created for total Relaxation and Meditation.

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