When Why & How to Sow Your Oats

Milky Oat Seed
(Avena Sativa)

Milk Oat Seed

From the same plant we get oatmeal from for our breakfast and oats for the horses, Milky Oat seed is harvested for its vast of array of health benefits...

"...due to their rich content of several essential nutrients. In a 100 gram serving, oats provide 389 calories and are an excellent source (20% or more of the Daily Value, DV) of protein (34% DV), dietary fiber (44% DV), several B vitamins and numerous dietary minerals, especially manganese (233% DV). Oats are 66% carbohydrates, including 11% dietary fiber and 4% beta-glucans, 7% fat and 17% protein.  The established property of their cholesterol-lowering effects has led to acceptance of oats as a health food.


“Milky” refers to the white liquid that can be squeezed from the oat seed during the milk stage – a few weeks before the typical harvest for dry oats.  This milky sap contains nutrients that help nourish and feed the nerves, making Milky Oat a superb tonic for the nervous system.  To fully benefit the nervous system restorative properties, the Milky Oat seeds must be processed fresh, as some of the compounds are lost when dried.


Dry oat straw (seeds plus part of the stalk) contains many nutritive minerals that also help support the nervous system.  Oat straw combines well wirth other relaxing nerve tonics to make an excellent “support” tea.

Sweet Dreams Tea

Milky Oat seed may be beneficial to anyone suffering from stress, workaholics and others who find it difficult to relax.  It may also be helpful as part of a doctor-prescribed formula to reduce anxiety, agitation and cravings in people withdrawing from addictive substances.

Stress & Anxiety Relief

And of course we are all familiar with the term “sowing ones oats”, but were you aware it’s due to another benefit of Milky Oat seed?  “Avena sativa is quickly becoming a popular natural alternative to pharmaceutical “sexual enhancers” without the dangerous side effects. It is used to stimulate both men and women quickly and effectively. It is often described as the "Natural Viagra"! Its stimulating effects are well known in the animal world, especially with horses where it is widely known that if you feed them oats their behavior will be wild and energetic!” (http://www.herbwisdom.com/herb-avena-sativa)

Nature's Viagra

Due to Milky Oat seed having no known side effects, it is one of the most beneficial and often utilized herbs for a nervous system general tonic as well as a general health tonic.  Harvested in the milky stage and tinctured the same day our fresh Milky Oat seed is used to nourish the nerves and support a healthy nervous system in times of stress.

Milky Oat Seed Herbal Tincture


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