A Disposable Society in a Recycle World ~ Do It the Old-Fashioned Way

A Disposable Society in a Recycle World
Do It the Old-Fashioned Way

I've been pondering a great conundrum of late that I just can't seem to wrap my head around.
It's been a long, strange trip, but finally most of the world has grasped the importance of treating our Mother Earth with utmost care and respect.  Every corner of the globe is aware of the importance of recycling. 

Entire industries have been built around both the very concept of spreading the word

 and the actual execution of recycling.

Many communities in America have adopted separate trash pick-ups - regular and recyclables.  Every week we put out our bin of cardboard, aluminum cans, glass and of course plastic bottles.  To those practicing good recycling habits, KUDOS!  The world literally thanks you.

However, I must ask why do we only seem to "sweat the small stuff"?

Why are so many of today's larger household items looked at as disposable?  Why are these items not recycled like water bottles?  I ask this particularly on trash days as I drive around seeing all of the household furniture, home decor, and battered children's toys put to the curb for pick-up.

How long can "wood" furniture assembled with an allen key last?

How many times do Johnny & Jenny's new plastic birthday or Christmas toys break before the first battery change?

How many $20 boxstore lamps and light fixtures fill dumsters with plastic, glass, and metal mere months after purchase?

We invite you to join us in "sweating the big stuff", too.  Home furnishings, Children's toys and games, interior decor should not be disposable commodities!  In fact, they should be "recycled" the Old-Fashioned Way...by handing them down to the next generation.

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