Meet Leonurus Cardiaca

MOTHERWORT ~ Leonurus cardiaca

Herb Profile from Natural Hope Herbals

A rather unassuming plant belonging to the mint family, Motherwort is a medicinal treasure house. The common name refers to its use as an herb for women. It is believed to relieve anxiety, pain and spasms and nourish the nerves and reproductive organs. Motherwort was traditionally used for PMS symptoms,m menstrual discomfort, post-partum pain, anxiety associated with PMS or menopause and generalizred anxiety.

The Latin name, Leonurus cardiaca, alludes to its use as a heart/cardiac tonic. Motherwort appears to slow the heart rate and relax the arteries making it useful in supporting healthy blood pressure and heart rate, especially in people who are nervous, stressed out, or have an overactive thyroid.

Motherwort contains compounds that are mildlky thyroxine inhibiting so it should not be used in large doses by those who have low thyroid function.

Motherwort combines well with the lemon balm and bungleweed for thyroid balance. Some of Motherwort's beneficial properties are lost when dried, so it's best to use an extract made from the fresh plant.

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