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HERBS - Is Fresh Always Best?

HERBS - Is Fresh Always Best?
Insight from Natural Hope Herbals

Why are some herbs fresh and others dry?  After all, isn't fresh always best?

Some herbs, the goodness is in the fresh herb, and when dired lose a lot of their beneficial qualities.  Natural Hope Herbals tinctures these fresh herbs ie. California Poppy, Valerian Root, Skullcap Herb, Milky Oat Seed, Dandelion Root, etc.

Other herbs there is little difference between the benefits of fresh or dried.  And still others extract best if they are first dried.  Dried herbs can typically be extracted at higher concentration, so for the herbs where it doesn't matter if it's fresh or dried - dried herb will usually make the stronger, more potent tincture.

So, is Fresh Always Best?  As with most things in life, it depends!

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