A Modern American Tin Smith

Our Tinsmith was inspired to his trade at a young age.  Growing up in a PA Mennonite and Amish Community surrounded by Artisans and Craftspeople he began constructing birdhouses.  A local merchant, impressed with his work, shared with him an antique, tin-pierced lantern
 which he immediately set out to reproduce. Using an old stove pipe he created a beautiful reproduction and secured his future as a successful tinner.

Early American Tin Smith Shop

50 years later, his creations are still successful and his tinning business has grown exponentially. Yet he still oversees his workshop, where each of his offerings remains individually handcrafted and the principles of
"hard work, family closeness, and a welcoming spirit that regards customers as friends,"
upon which his company was built,
 endure to this day.


Primitive Amish Crafted Pie Safe with Rustic Tin Panels

Punched Tin Panel Headboard

From : Homesthetics.net