New Year’s Resolutions Meet Spring Fever

Well, here it is again…that awkward time of year.  The holidays are far in the rear view mirror.  Football is over and baseball has yet to get underway.  Here on the east coast we eagerly anticipate spring’s arrival while ten inch snowstorms still threaten the forecasts.  It is this time of year that phrases such as “winter blues”, “winter doldrums” and “What New Year’s Resolution?” come to mind. 
Thinking on a more positive note, it is also when one of my favorites is quite often uttered…”SPRING FEVER”!  If you, like I, find yourself stuck in this awkward time…somewhere in between…I invite you to introduce your New Year’s Resolution(s) to your Spring Fever.

Staying (becoming) healthy and fit meet unique exercise routine

Doing your part for Mother Earth and Going a little “Greener” meet fun, fuel-efficient, commuter

Spending more quality time with family meet hot, eye-catching colors and sizes for all

Hosting more get-togethers with friends meet the ultimate backyard game

Getting something “special” for that neighbor meet a classic housewarming gift

Of course, why not cover all bases/resolutions and get both!

"Unplug" this year and have FUN!

With Quality Handmade Amish craftsmanship


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