For the Love of Leather

Let me start by stating that like many, I have always had an affinity for fine leather.  It is such a wonderful and versatile medium.  Jackets, purses, belts, hats, phone cases, bracelets, briefcases, bags – you name it and I’m sure it’s been made with leather.

And why not make it with leather?  After all, it is fashionable, yet durable.  Rugged yet comfortable.  It can be elaborately ornate or simply minimalist.  It can serve as a subtle accessory or as a blazingly bold outfit.  It is no wonder so many share my affection.

Now, I must confess that my affinity abruptly turned to a strong LOVE for fine leather.  So what can change one’s level of fondness for a product after decades of extensive use and subsequent knowledge thereof?  One word … CRAFTSMANSHIP!

The moment I first walked into our leather man’s workshop, I knew I had stumbled into a little corner of heaven.  Immediately immersed in sensory overload – the sights…the smell…the LEATHER!

  Every corner turned revealed another wall of magnificent offerings.  A veritable plethora of pickings.

Upon much closer observations, I discovered that in all my years of “leather-loving” I had never encountered such craftsmanship.  The leather, the cuts, the stitching, the hardware – all of the highest imaginable quality. 

The kind of quality that would have had to have been made by hands that truly loved the medium.  By hands that had meticulously honed their craft, having been taught from generation to generation.

That was quite some time ago and I cannot tell you that I have the same fondness today as I did then.  No, in fact it’s only grown.  We have subsequently had the pleasure of getting to know the wonderful craftsman behind these magnificent products.  We have gotten to know his family, the products and the time and love he puts in to both.

The meticulous shop hearkens back to a time of true craftsmanship.  Well lit by natural light are old-time, belt-driven machines and walls of hand tools.  

An eager-eyed, 4 year old little boy stands by his father…watching…learning…wanting to help.  The father, while both wanting to improve upon previous generations’ workmanship and foster his son’s future and the next generation’s craft, takes time.  Time to make it right.  Time to pay attention to detail.  Time to teach.

The result speaks for itself!


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