Rocking Into the Christmas Season & Back to Simpler Times

Where does the time go?  Seems like we were just slipping on our flip flops for the first time and now we are scraping ice from windshields, carving pumpkins and dare we say, starting to plan the Thanksgiving Day feast!  Of course you know that means the Christmas Season will be in full force in the proverbial two shakes of a lamb's tail!

Despite some increased stress and anxiety that comes with "The Season", we absolutely adore this time of year.  We love the gatherings.  The stories getting past along to next generations.  The talks over good food.  The excitement in little ones' eyes.  Fires in the fireplace.  The family traditions.

I guess it takes us back in time.  A time when things were much simpler.  A time when although we seemingly "had" so much less, we actually "had" so much more.  Children didn't need the latest PlayStation release or the AngryBird app on their iPhone.  They needed to be told to "come home when the street lights come on".  That's all.  An entire afternoon could be epic with something as simple as a tennis ball.

One of our most beloved Amish vendors epitomizes these simpler times.  His workmanship, devotion to craft, simple, handmade toddler toys and furniture all immediately take us virtually back in time.

In particular, his gorgeous Rocking Toys are a personal favorite of ours as well as every child that is lucky enough to encounter any of these!

They are so unique and stunningly beautiful.  They actually make wonderful display pieces when not bringing smiles to faces.

From the classic LARGE ROCKING HORSE...

and his little brother...


From gnarly looking ROCKING MOTORCYCLES...


Not only would one of these become an instant favorite with your beloved little one(s), they are truly heirloom-quality and certain to be passed on for generations!

Help today's children experience some of those simpler times when less was more.  They'll be all to "plugged in" before you know it.

Each is crafted from solid oak and are made with non-toxic, eco-friendly varnishes.  All come with nicely padded, leather-looking seats for hours of comfortable fun.  Special attention is paid to hand sanding edges and corners to ensure a safe and beautiful product making them a perfect addition to a playroom, a school room, waiting room and especially under the Christmas tree!


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