Preserve Your Food & Your Health ~ 8 FREE Resources!

  Years ago, canning, pickling and other food preservation was a typical, necessary activity.   People canned when produce was in season to last until the next growing season.  They canned meat to last until the next time meat was available.  Ham and fish and beef were cured and stored safely to last until necessary.  The introduction of modern refrigeration and an increased availability of foods made the practice less common.  Although, in some areas, especially farming communities,  canning is still commonplace.


With rising food prices and a chaotic world, it's no surprise that food preservation is making a comeback.  This article from National Geographic illustrates the resurgence of food preservation to the extreme, discussing the "doomsday preppers" and extreme food preservation.

If you are interested in starting to can and preserve food for you family be sure to do your homework before you begin.  There are many safety issues to take into consideration when preserving food for long periods of time.  If done right, canning can be a fabulous, money saving hobby.  If done wrong, canning can be deadly.  Because of safety concerns it's very important that you are able to trust your sources for recipes and techniques.  Here are eight fabulous FREE resources for food preservers.  They cover everything you could possibly want to know about canning, curing, dehydrating, etc.  Most have detailed diagrams and address all health & safety aspects in depth.

USDA - Food Preservation - Tips & Resources

 The Natural Canning Resource Book

Preserving Alaska's Bounty - University of Alaska

Steps to Success in Home Canning - University of Missouri

National Center for Home Food Preservation

Food Preservation Fact Sheets - Cornell Cooperative Extension   

Family & Consumer Sciences - University of Georgia

Food Preservation - Virginia Cooperative Extension 

Once you've done your homework and are confident enough to give food preservation a try you'll want to assemble all necessary tools to begin your canning adventure.  Ball has been a trusted name,  supplying home canners since the 1800's.  They have a fabulous website with loads of excellent canning tips & tools.

Collection Elite® series waterbath canner

Ball® Brand Dissolvable Labels

Sure Tight™ Band Tool

Ball® Utensil Set

 FreshTECH Automatic Jam and Jelly Maker

 Amazon is another fantastic source for state of the art canning supplies at low prices.  Here are some excellent pressure cookers, all available at far below retail price.

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