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Yogurt is an excellent source of protein & vitamin D.  It also contains health beneficial, probiotics. It's commonly known that probiotics help with yeast infections & intestinal issues.   Not so many people realize the numerous other benefits provided by the live, active cultures found in yogurt.  This article from Web MD details the multitude of health benefits associated with yogurt and provides some good tips & recipes.

The Benefits of Yogurt ~ WebMD

Our family has definitive yogurt preferences and Chobani definitely ranks #1 in our house.  It's custard-like texture is appealing to even our "picky eater".  The Chobani website has some amazing recipes.  Our favorite is the oatmeal, a BIG time picky eater winner.

Greek Yogurt Recipes from Chobani

While you are checking out the recipes be sure to print the coupons Chobani offers.  These are excellent and not available anywhere else.  I was thrilled to find them!

Yogurt Coupons Available at Chobani.com

For those who are adventurous, there are lots of home made yogurt options available.  Home made yogurt can be made with raw milk & goat's milk.  If you are thinking of making yogurt at home,   don't sell yourself short by buying an expensive system at a kitchen store.  Amazon has lots of choices,  well below retail value.

Homemade Yogurt Options:

Recipes and Resources 

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