Stained Glass Wallpaper for Windows ~ Like Magic!

When we moved here years ago it was evident that breaking our transium window seals would be a bad idea.  Many years and layers of paint have passed since these windows opened and closed freely.  Unfortunately, no matter how clean the interior windows were, the windows always looked dirty.  One day while shopping online for an unrelated project,  we stumbled across stained glass window film and our problem was solved.

In 15 minutes we were able to transform our less than attractive windows into a stained glass masterpiece.  The window film was easy to work with, cut easily and secured like magic.  Since installing the stained glass panels we have had multitudes of compliments on our beautiful, stained glass transium windows.  People are shocked when we let them in on the secret!

There are many styles to choose from, something for every decor.  If you have a hard to clean window, need privacy without blocking out light or are just looking for an inexpensive change, give these window covers a try  you won't be disappointed.

Faux Stained Glass Window Clings:

Real Stained Glass Options


If you prefer the real thing, these lovely stained glass panels can be suspended in front of a window to provide a lovely focal point in any room. 

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