Extreme Couponing for Real Life

Feeding a large family in today's economy has become an increasingly expensive endeavor.   A few years ago while watching late night television I stumbled upon "Extreme Couponing," and was inspired to give the couponing thing a try.   I am happy to report that it was a success and I am a converted coupon connoisseur.  "I've got a coupon for that,"  has become music to my children's ears.
Unlike the "extreme couponers," featured on television, I normally don't get a cart full of groceries for pennies.  But, by sticking with 5 easy steps, I have been able to save 30% to 80% on almost every trip to the grocery store.   I've been able to purchase items and brands that we normally wouldn't be able to afford.  I have not accumulated an underground bunker full of Chex Mix and soda.  However, we have a pretty well stocked pantry on a tight grocery budget.


If you're considering using coupons for the first time here are 5 steps to a good start:   


  1.)  Buy Sunday newspapers and clip coupons EVERY week.   If you forget or want additional coupons, you can print them online.  

2.)  Find an organizing system that works for you and stick with it.  We started out with the Krazy Coupon Lady's recommendations and adjusted the categories to suit our family.

3.)  Set aside time each week to clip and organize.   Sunday afternoons work for our family. 


4.)  Compare your store's sale circular to your coupons and compose a "rough list" before shopping.  There are coupon matching websites that can help with this.  Here's one for our region.

  5.)  Empty expired coupons monthly.   Expired coupons can be used in commissaries by military families.  Click for more information about how to donate.




Coupon Necessities for Beginners and Pros:


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