The Thimble Things in Life

This week we are offering a unique collection of thimbles at our E bay Store.  This lifetime collection comes from a Maryland Estate and features a variety of thimbles.  Many are fine bone china. These delicately painted thimbles are miniature works of art.

Lifetime Collection of Over 100 Thimbles

Sewing collectibles have a large following.  These lovely, hand painted thimbles provide a unique, display worthy diversion for many.  This article from Collector's Weekly provides a glimpse into the mind of an avid Thimble Collector.

Thimble Pleasures: An Interview with Sue Gowan

The variety of thimble related collectibles available on E bay is astounding.    It's a collector's dream come true!   Thimbles of every age, material and subject matter are available for collectors of all budgets.



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