Count Your Lucky Roosters

Throughout history cultures have held the rooster in high esteem.  In ancient Greece the rooster, herald of the sun,  was a sacred sign to Apollo and Zeus.  


One of the 10 symbols of the Chinese Zodiac, the rooster is reveled for its punctuality and thought to ward off evil.  It symbolizes advancement.

10th of the Chinese Zodiac animals: Rooster
10th of the Chinese Zodiac animals: Rooster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  A Christian symbol of light & resurrection, the rooster adorned many rooftops during the middle ages.  The watchful creature perched, ready for the return of Christ.  

 The National symbol of France, the vigilant rooster represents courage and supremacy.

  African folklore recognizes the rooster as a creature that is always moving forward.  The Kenyan coat of arms is adorned with a rooster holding an axe, ready for a new day and ready to work.

In Italy, Portugal and Spain, the trustworthy rooster is a symbol of honesty and integrity.  It is traditional there to give a rooster pitcher to newlyweds for good luck.

 Folktales from all over the world pay tribute to the rooster and it's contributions to society.   Not surprisingly, it is still claimed today that a rooster in your kitchen will ward off evil and bestow you good-luck.

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