Time for a New Spring Wreath

One of our favorite signs of Spring is the bright yellow forsythia blooms and other spring flowers.  During our weekend travels we were struck by all of the lovely, floral wreaths gracing various doors.  Currently our door is adorned with a small wreath created at a Girl Scout Meeting about 10 years ago.  This gorgeous creation holds great sentimental value and will always have a place in our home.  Unfortunately, due to size and age, it's being retired from our front door.

We were considering clipping our forsythia and using these excellent instructions provided by e-how, to design a new and improved, inviting wreath for our door.  However, time is short this week and Easter is this coming weekend.

How to Make a Forsythia Wreath

Fortunately, for those needing to save time for other activities, there are many beautiful options available online.   Here are some of our favorites.  Many of these are silk and will last for years.

Happy wreath making/shopping!  Happy Spring!


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