Hummingbird Nectar Recipe ~ Make Your Own Hummingbird Feeder

We are eagerly anticipating the return of our resident Ruby-throated hummingbirds.  We haven't had a sighting yet this spring but are confident that it will be soon.  They return like clockwork each year making their presence known at our various flowers and feeders.  

Ruby-throated HummingBird
Ruby-throated HummingBird (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our local hummingbirds are very hungry and make numerous daily trips to our porch feeders. Our hummingbird feeders are filled and ready to go.  This one outside our office window is a favorite.  It's constructed from a jar and has a plastic, screw on base.


We've been wanting to add a few more feeders to our other porches.  We're amazed at the beautiful variety of hummingbird feeders available.  Here are a few of our favorites. 

Ruby Red Cut Glass Feeder

These glass feeders look awesome even when they are not occupied.

This feeder attaches to the outside of your window - very cool!
No hummingbird could resist this colorful, work of art!
Protective Dome Feeder ~ Pretty For the Garden

3 for 1 - Very Pretty Too!

Pot De Creme Hummingbird Feeder

Mini -Blossom Trellis Feeder
Tin Angel Hummingbird Feeder
Yacht Race Hummingbird Feeder

Garden Ballet Hummingbird Feeder

It's recommended that you change hummingbird nectar frequently.  During the summer months we have no option as the birds clean us out quickly.  We gave up on expensive hummingbird nectar powder years ago.  We replaced it with this simple, hummingbird nectar recipe:

4 Cups of Warm Water
3 Drops Red Food Coloring (OPTIONAL)
1 Tablespoon Sugar

Mix ingredients vigorously until sugar dissolves and then pour into feeders - that easy!

Here's a kid's tutorial on how to make your own hummingbird feeder.  The activity is expert level and requires adult help.  This is an excellent, rainy day family activity.

Here are some cool hummingbird items that we found.  We especially like the wind chimes and the garden statue?  Which is your favorite?

Hummingbird Wind-chimes

Garden Angel with Hummingbird Dress
 A beautiful design inspired by perfume bottles from the early 1900s
Rainbow Hummingbird Sun catcher
Hummingbird Window Ornament
Hummingbird Flag
Glass Winged Hummingbird
Hummingbird Copper Bird Feeder


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