Guilt Free Starbucks?! Free Gas for Drinking Coffee?!

Coffee is an essential ingredient in our daily routine.  Although we try to avoid brand loyalty, as it deters from savings opportunities, we sometimes find it difficult when it comes to coffee.  We do love our Starbucks!  Happily, our friends at often feature Starbucks coupons for $1.50 off!!!  In fact, there is one available right now!  This, paired with a good sale at our local supermarket and we're sipping Starbucks each morning for less than $5.00 per pound.

Increasingly, with longer days and more activities, the morning cup of Joe is not sufficient to make it through the day.  This occasionally requires an on the go coffee, pit stop.  But wait, how can we justify paying for ONE cup of coffee almost as much as we just paid for a week's worth?  It's sometimes difficult.  Luckily the guilt can be minimized by utilizing various loyalty cards. Starbucks "My Starbucks Rewards," participants receive special coupons and offers as a reward.  You can register for the program at Starbucks online.   The occasional trip through the Starbucks drive-thru just got a little easier to take.


Unfortunately, in our area, there is not a Starbucks on every corner.  Sometimes location necessitates coffee from other merchants.  We have found that our local gas station, convenience store chain has a rather impressive coffee bar.  What's even better is that we receive a 1 cent Gas Discount for each cup we purchase.  Wow, that could add up!  We could even score FREE gas!  How many cups would that take?!?  Well,  maybe not quite free.

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