Save Money ~ Start Flowers From Seeds!

One of my favorite parts of warm weather is enjoying the sight and smell of blooming flowers.  I love planting them around my home and in numerous hanging planters.  Unfortunately, I've found that flowers can be very expensive and I can never seem to have enough.  I've found that although it takes some planning and work, starting flowers from seeds is the way to go.
There are so many beautiful varieties available, many more than any garden center could ever offer!

From Better Homes and Gardens:

Fire Spinner Iceplant

Answer a short series of questions about the light, moisture, and other conditions in your landscape and Better Homes and Gardens will pinpoint the perfect planting plan for you. Each plan is complete with an illustration of the garden at maturity, an easy-to-follow planting plan, and a detailed plant list.

Warm Summer Coneflower
Double Scoop Orangeberry Coneflower

Use these easy plant-by-numbers recipes to put together the most beautiful hanging baskets in your neighborhood.
By Kelly Roberson

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