Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening

 Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening

I'm considering adding a raised bed to this year's garden.  I'd like to put it closer to the house then our main garden.  I like the idea of having lettuce easily available.  I'm planning to use Raymond Nones' book as a guide.  I'm especially interested in the
"SEED SAVING" section!

Raised-Bed Vegetable Gardening Made Simple: The Three-Module Home Vegetable Garden

I'm amazed at all of the options available for raised beds !  Currently debating whether to do a traditional garden.  I really like this PVC bed.  It would blend well with the house and last forever!!

Versailles Vinyl Raised Garden Bed No Extension 

Versailles Vinyl Raised Garden Bed No Extension

Versailles Vinyl Raised Garden Bed Taking gardening to the next level, the New England Arbors Vinyl Versailles Raised Garden Bed is a practical solution for the modern green thumb. Crafted to last, this raised garden bed is built with PVC that is guaranteed against rot, cracks, warping, yellowing, and weather damage. It stays looking freshly painted season after season with virtually no maintenance required. . Vinyl never needs to be painted or stained . Simply rinse with hose occasionally for perfect maintenance . Complete with 20-year manufacturer's warranty against yellowing, warping, cracking, and rotting Item Specifications: Style: With Extensions Without Extensions Dimensions: 65L x 65W x 12H in. (without ext.) 130.4L x 65.2W x 12H inches (with ext.)

Here are some other cool ideas I've seen.....



The possibilities are endless!!!


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