What a Crock!!

In our disposable society it is hard to imagine a time when heavy, stoneware crocks served a utilitarian purpose in every kitchen.  It's something worth pondering when complaining about taking out the trash.  

 This article, depicting such a time,  originally appeared in American Collector magazine, a publication which ran from 1933-1948 and served antique collectors and dealers.

Collectors Weekly ~ Early American Crocks and Jars

We  recently acquired this 3 gallon crock at a Lancaster, PA estate sale.  When it was originally manufactured it may have been used for storing lard, butter or even eggs!  Now, it makes a lovely display piece, utensil holder or jardiniere.  It's currently available in our eBay Store.

Here are some other Early American Crocks currently available from other sellers.

These modern, hand painted crocks signed by the Lancaster, PA artisan are also currently available in our eBay store.  The fabulously painted, folk art scenes make an excellent addition to stoneware collections.  These are beautiful when displayed.

Modern, Customizable Stoneware ~ Perfect Wedding Gift ~ Available from our friends at Plow & Hearth




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